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* Denotes entries pulled from my blog archives.

I'm aware some of these articles probably repeat specific points.  They were written over a period of three years so it isn't unlikely that I'd repeat myself a time or two ;)


When Mistress Isn't Perfect
Speaking to your Mistress when there's a problem or you disagree with her decisions

The Perfect Femdom
Are your expectations realistic or pure fantasy?

What's So Appealing About Dominance?
Why would a woman ever wish to dominate a man?

Submission to Gentleness and Strength
Can there be strength and control in gentleness?

What Motivates You to Submit?
Various men share their feelings about submission

Disciplining the Male Submissive
Dominance is the seduction of the will and it happens over time

* The Reddened Behind
Regarding infliction of pain for pleasure and discipline in a femdom relationship.

* Vanilla Women and Kink
How I transitioned from a fairly vanilla woman who liked to be in charge to a fairly kinky woman who likes to be in charge.

Dominant versus Submissive Acts
Are certain acts always dominant while others always submissive?

Small Things Can Be Huge
Lady Julia hypnotizes Bill and teaches him that sometimes it's the little things that really please a dominant woman.

* The Importance of Establishing and Respecting Limits
In a femdom or loving female authority relationship establishing and respecting limits is imperative.

* "Real" Submission
While many use terms like "real" submissive or "real" Domme, there is no established definition.

What is a Munch?
Brief explanation about munches

* One Definition of Submission
My thoughts on what submission means within my relationship.  There is no one way - this is just our way.


Orgasm Control: Can Men Be Trusted Not To Masturbate?
Why I opt not to use a chastity device to control his masturbation habits.

Risk of Long Term Male Chastity
Are there potential risks to long term male chastity?


How To Meet A Domme
What to include in a personals ad and tips for that first meeting

How to Meet a Domme: Preparing Yourself
Suggestions for conduct when chatting with Dommes online

How To Meet a Domme: What To Say
More on that first meeting.

How To Meet A Domme: What Not to Say
A surefire way NOT to impress a Domme

How Choose A Hypnotic Dominant
Suggestions when considering a hypnotic dominant

* Dear Domme
Tips for writing to a Domme

Romancing the Domme - Part 1
Dommes are ladies too.  Tips on romance

Romancing the Domme - Part 2
Dommes are ladies too.  Tips on romance - part 2

Encouraging a Vanilla Wife to Dominate
For men who desire domination by their wives / partners


Dominance doesn't have to be difficult.  Suggestions for simple ways to dominate a man.

* Tease and Denial, Short Term Chastity
A look at tease & denial or short term chastity.

* Subtle Control
The art of subtle control is often underrated.  Often submissive men are dominated by their wives without recognizing it or appreciating it.

* Dominance and the Soft Cloak of Femininity
A woman doesn't have to be a cruel dominatrix to dominate a man.

* Surprise!
A short short true story of simple but oh so effective control through teasing.


Articles written by Dommes (and sometimes their submissives)

Fantasy vs Reality
Mistress Jen and jssubc describe the joys and realities of a female dominant and male submissive relationship.

How To Approach Your Wife About D/s
Mrs Claudia discusses introducing dominance to a vanilla wife


Absolute Surrender
Michael discusses letting go

BDSM and Romance
Richard of Down on my Knees offers insight on keeping romance alive in a BDSM relationship.  A message to wives.

How Do I Get My Partner To...?
Tom Allen offers advice about introducing your kinky desires to your partner.  (Tom's not submissive but I think his article seemed to best fit here.)

How Do You Find A Domme?
slave2catwoman shares with male submissives his experience on developing a relationship with a Domme

Sex and Candy
him discusses male chastity

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