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In response to the questions:

"How important is discipline to you? (Be it either from a Dom/me perspective or that of a submissive.) Is it something you often use or need?  Does discipline strictly represent physical intervention to you or can it be something that is more mental? If mental, must it be
humiliation or can it be something else?"

jcraig1208 wrote:

In order to truly "capture" someone, the mind needs to be conquered, the body is temporary.

In the debriefing of American Servicemen held as POW's from Korea to Vietnam, physical pain in most cases will not break the human spirit and thus the "will" is left untouched. It is the capture of the mind that leads to the breaking or simply reshaping of the will.

Brute force is crude in its application, and invariably reinforces resistance. If pain is the goal of the submissive, it is only in that case it will serve as a true form of discipline. And in that case it is not the pain that breaks the submissive, but the pleasure it brings to them. Even in this instance, it is the mind being conquered.

True domination is in the mind. It is the seduction of the will and happens over time.

Discipline is essential in any D/s relationship.  How that disciline manifests itself is as unique as the participants. For me, humiliation will not work. To me it demonstrates that the person actually has no respect for me on any level.

I acknowledge that humiliation will work for some. Discipline for me is in the mind. And the only Domme that will be able to succeed with me, is one that understands the human mind and all of the wonders and possibilities it holds.

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