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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hypnosis and the Married Submissive

A few weeks back I received an email from a gentleman who asked,

"I am curious as to why hearing your voice and the words good boy has such a powerful near overwhelming effect on me. I almost achieved release just listening. It is truly amazing. Is this something that I can incorporate into my marriage? Is there any information for incorporating this into a Loving Female Authority relationship ?"

I think these feelings happen for a couple of reasons. You're submissive and these words feed your nature. You want to please. You want to obey. You want to be a good boy. In addition to this, the hypnosis MP3s contain suggestions that you will find pleasure in obeying, pleasing, and being a good boy. It's a conditioning process in which those desires and associations are enhanced or heightened.

As for incorportating the use of these MP3s and their suggestions into a LFA relationship, yes, it's possible. I frequently receive email from very loving and otherwise happy men who have a desire to occasionally experience at least some level of erotic, hypnotic submission. For whatever reason, whether it is a lack of training in hypnosis or a lack of desire on behalf of the wife to do so, they are unable to experience this directly with their wives. The MP3s I've made are designed to the best of my ability to allow them (and single fellas as well) to experience erotic FemDom hypnosis in a safe manner without "tying" them to me in any way as their "Mistress". I'm very candid that I'm not interested in the slightest in dominating any of them "except for the time of the trance" and they, for the most part, accept this. Many of my MP3s focus on the relationship between the submissive and his Mistress. I sever any communication with those who cannot accept my terms. Some tell their wives they listen, other don't. Whatever they choose to do is up to them in that regard, but I always like it when they are able to be candid about what they're doing.

A few days later I received an email from N who remarked,

" i have not thought about the hypnosis in almost 15 years. i never even thought that it could improve my submission to my Wife. i can't believe i never made the connection. i feel very indebted to You.

i had a day off from work the other day and i listened to Red Silk over and over for about 4 hours. i feel about as good as i have in a long while. i had forgotten how refreshed i felt after being under.

i also have to admit that my Wife remarked today on a marked improvement in my service to her."

After receiving his email, I forwarded the links to a few more MP3s that were a bit more FemDom in a nature. He soon replied,

"Thank You so much for providing this link. i called my Wife to let her know that i was downloading them. i was told that i wasn't allowed to listen to them until i repay Your selfless act with one of my own.

Grin, because i am so eager to listen to the MP3s, i am stopping off at a food bank on the way home from work to volunteer for a few hours in Your honor. i will keep my mind focus both on my gratitude to You as well as my hope that no one in the world goes hungry."

I think it's great to see a confident Lady who is willing to use to her advantage her husband's desire for hypnosis and that it has helped him to grow a bit in his submission to her.

Another remarked,

"i so totally appreciate what Your MP3s have done for me. They really have helped me focus even more on serving my Wife. They have served to enforce the pleasure that i receive by serving Her. Strangely, they have also increased my pain tolerance.

my Wife has a sense of humor and during a longish bondage session She had Surrender playing in the background. During one of the inductions when You suggested finding a comfortable position and you go through relaxing each part of my body, at first i almost laughed out loud as i crossed off each part of my body that i could not make comfortable. But i could imagine them being comfortable, and as the MP3 continued, i found that i was definitely under and i was able to maintain the bondage much better than usual.

i have just noticed a real adrenalin increase every time i find the opportunity to
please my Wife. You might not be surprised to know that "it feels so good to surrender . . . it feels so good to obey, so good to please . . ."

Last night my Wife told me it was time for Her nightly foot massage. She looked at me and said, "That sounds so exciting, doesn't it? That's right, of course it does." She really had Your voice and that little chuckle You do down. We both laughed, but in truth, my heart did jump an extra beat, and i WAS so very excited about having the opportunity to obey - even more than before.

i listen to the MP3's every night before i go to sleep. They are just fantastic.
We both thank You so very much."
Certainly I'm not saying that my hypnosis MP3s can or even should be used by every couple, but for those who have an interest, I thought you might find that these comments offer some insight as to how they might be used.

If there are others reading this who have had experiences incorporating FemDom Hypnosis MP3s into their relationship, please feel free to add your comments/stories as well.

(PS. Thank you to those who shared this emails. They are republished with permission. My apologies that it has taken me a few weeks to finish this and get it posted.)



At February 13, 2007 , Anonymous kevin said...

It's been awhile since you have written about hypnosis. I'm glad to see you're back on focus.

At February 13, 2007 , Blogger web said...

Wow, that is awesome. I have to say that over my time listening to Your MP3s I have found that I accept my submissive self much more and take great pleasure in just doing small things for women in my life. Not that I didn't before, but now they have a more special feeling to me.

At February 13, 2007 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dearest Lady Julia,

thanks and thanks, i beleive that Your MP3 help us to be more and more submissive males, your MP3 are a nice help, i love to listen them, as i red the MP3 are helping in the marry of these people, and i may say that i live alone and the MP3 are helping me to find out my Woman parnert, because You are helping me to have the right conduct of myself to be the good boy that i am inside. Then to don´t be longer, my best time in my live was when i was obeying a Woman without thinking in sex and i had all Her love in regarding of my wells, then i was child with my MOM.

thank You Lady Julia.

servant john.

At February 13, 2007 , Anonymous said...

i have discovered the joy ofobedience through Your mp3's and although i have not told my Wife (yet) She has noticed. Commenting several times...What a nice man!...Who has taken my grumpy husband?...What a good boy!..All the while i have been charged by what i can anly call "constructive harnessing" of my sexual drive towards pleasing Her..i have found Your Pleasure Experience excercise to be an excellent lesson. ;-) Thank You Lady Julia


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